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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
This day and age, it's really rare that you'll see new characters come up in the WWE(Warrior, Undertaker, ect.) you mostly see guys with real names.

Do you miss characters or you mostly enjoy what they offer today, and that's "reality".


Registered Member
I think that with how the business has evolved, it would pretty hard to come up with over-the-top characters like they did in the 80's without being too cartoonish. What's important to me these days is for wrestlers to show personality in the character without being too over-the-top. Guys like Dean Ambrose & Kevin Owens are succeeding on that level IMO.


I liked the role play element of the old WWE. Sting, Ray Mysterio, Hulk, Undertaker, even The Godfather... It was just part of the flare (or Flair) of the whole spectacle. That's not to say they all had to have a "character" theme, but it was cool that many did. It added to the old theme of good vs. evil that has since seemed to fall by the wayside.

- Cham