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  1. What anime character had a real unique design that really shined to you? One of the most unique and cool characters I've seen has to be Neji Hyuuga. He was pretty awesome with just about everything he was about even though he was kinda in his asshole mode in the beginning.

  2. Henskie

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    I would have to say that Kakashi is a pretty unique because he is very strong but he never lets it on and to me he is just a different style then I am used to
  3. Sephy

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    Lord Ilpalazzo from Excel Saga. That get-up is funny. I saw someone dressed as him at AZ one year, and he fell and couldn't get up. And he was laying down and asking people to help him up, but they thought he was joking and just laughed. It was awesome.
  4. NinjaSniper

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    I'd have to say Temari from Naruto. She has a huge fan that she uses as a weapon and I never seen a weapon so unique, her outfit and hair style is very unique as well. As you can see in my avatar...

    ~NinjaSniper 8)
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    Rurouni Kenshin is a unique character. I have never seen anyone be so cheerful after a dark and melancholy past. In addition, he really never did kill anyone (except for very few special occasions) after his promise of no killing. He also has bushy red hair. I wonder who else can have that bright red color? The outfit is pretty typical though.
  6. Masakado

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    Er... can they be armors too? if so, dboys armor from Tekkman Blade II is the coolest design ever. And Gundam Epion... lol.

    If they have to be human, I have to go with Spike Spiegal, he's stylin' XD

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