CHAOS EMPEROR DRAGON - ENVOY OF THE END Tuesday, June 6th 2006 (666)

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As we continue our trip trough the banned cards we stop and take a look at one of the most broken cards in the game: Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy Of The End.

This card will literally make or brake games. If you are the one that is using this oh mighty dragon then you just made the game a victory for your self. If you were on the apposing side of this card then the game just broke right before your very eyes.

If you were wilding the powers of this dragon you could be behind in all advantage and gain it back with this one card. The advantage gained by it could even be as great to win you the game when it's the last card in the game. This card created a very fast win condition that got it a one way ticket to being banned.

It's rather sad thought that it's awesome power got it banned. Like the other envoy it is just to good to stay around.

Oh, and seeing how to day was suppose to be the end of the world I decided to go with the Envoy Of The End.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: banned/5


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Ahh the memories of a pre-ban environment. A time where the majority of competative decks ran this big guy and his partner BLS - EOTB.

If you were the one summoning this bad boy then odds are your next words were "Good Game." With one of the most broken effects in the game; it's no wonder he was banned and has remained banned since. Let us not forget the winning combo of summoning CED while Sangan or Witch was on the field, activitate the effect and do damage, search for Yata and summon to attack saying no draw for you.

Many people want the Dragon unbanned and it's possible with the new cards that can deny him like Divine Wrath; but unfortunately he is just way too game breaking.

Traditional: 5 out of 5
Advanced: Forbidden
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