chants for the first real ecw show



next week in philly ecw gets its own show withoput smackdown

the chants i wanna hear are...
sabu doesnt tap
fuck john cena
fuck you vince
fuck sports enetertainment
we want punk
we want wrestling

any thoughts?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I tottaly agree with you, I'm really glad, their going to have their own show, hopefully it's only going to be only ECW wrestlers and not wwe wrestlers. I don't mind if Angle or Big Shoar are there because they do belong with ECW now, should be interesting.
the "Fuck sports entertainment" is way too long and lacking any form or rythm to be a decent chant. The "Sabu doesn't tap" i pushing it as well. Overall, there will probably be tons of "ECW" chants, "Holy Shit" if they actually do a decent show, and "Fuck you Vince." If any WWE gus show up, there will be a "Fuck you _____" chant probably, and there will probably be some derogatory chants for Big Show and Angle.