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Changing your wardrobe


Sally Twit
How often do you buy new clothes? Are you constantly throwing clothes out and replacing them? Do you keep everything until it's practically falling apart?

I rarely buy myself new clothes. Once every few months I will treat myself to a new top or something, but I keep everything until it starts to look tatty.


I buy new clothes every season but I don't trow the old ones away.
There are clothes that I still wear since I was 17 .. believe it or not.
They fit me well and still make me look good! It's not a habit of mine to throw stuff away, especially clothes.!!


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I buy new clothes quite often actually. I don't throw the old stuff away, but I might not wear it all that often. I just like to have different clothes every month or so, like to change it up.

Like I have around ten pair of jeans, which guy has ten pairs of jeans? I only know one personally and that's my brother who also loves to buy clothes.


yellow 4!
I will just buy something if it gets my attention. Which isn't very often, because I don't like shopping so it's quite rare to be in the situation of just happening to see something I like a lot. So usually I will just get it. I never just throw one item of clothing away unless something is wrong with it.

Though recently it's been different because I gave away a LOT of my clothes. I still have a fair bit of old stuff left but I've been replacing for the most part.
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Registered Member
I very rarely buy new clothes. Only for special occasions, and when in desperate need of something new. I'll make my clothes last as long as possible, and only give them up when I absolutely have to.

Sometimes, I worry that I look scruffy simply by wearing the same outfits every week for years on end, but I can't afford to buy new clothes regularly and I see no need to. I'm currently 2/5 of the way through the process of losing a lot of weight, though - it does increase the need to buy new clothes, a bit, so I'm on a treat year. I think I've bought three or four new tops since January - a rarity for me!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I rarely buy clothes ever.

I get a lot of shirts for free from work but the other ones I get are usually from my mom. Yes, my mom. I usually ask for something as an Easter present, birthday or Christmas and that's all the clothes shopping I need to do for the year.


rainbow 11!
I don't buy clothing often because I have expensive taste. Right now I have two pairs of jeans and one pair of shorts. That's all I have for bottoms. And I have several tank tops and jackets. I actually don't have a lot of clothing, I can't really afford to buy stuff like that. Even now, I desperately need a hair cut and I can't afford it. Stupid college!
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Embrace the Suck
I buy new clothes pretty often. I even order stuff online from time to time. Generally I keep old stuff for awhile but I do give some of it to Goodwill or to people in my parish in need of things.


No Custom Title Exists
I never throw out my old clothes, they will still hang there before one of my sisters combs through it throw it out, they are still wearable clothes so we either donate them or send them overseas to a cousin or something. But as for buying new clothes, I usually only buy to replace a jumper or jeans.


Registered Member
I get new clothes maybe 5 or 6 times each year. I buy accessories more often but only if I see something totally cool. Dunno what happens to the old clothes but they're prolly donated or something.