Changing Username


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I don't think you can do it manually. I've seen several sights like this, and you would want to email the mods, admin on this. They are rather quick to respond, They responded to a problem I had yesterday (but I was fairly quick to figure it out, I'm good when I'm frustrated :) )


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I figured I'd post it here cause it was a "How do I" sort of question. It will probably need to be done by Andrew, Night or Darth but at least everyone can see the answer.

So, Andrew, Night or Darth - can I change my username?? Pretty please?


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Good to see everyone's names worked. Just keep in mind it's not hard to change your names but if everybody asks for it it will get confusing for everyone. It's best to get one and stick with it, so hopefully you will be happy with these for a while. :D

I have been off and on lately being busy up to my neck in something big I have been working on, so if I'm not on to answer questions that's why.
thats good. Ive been on other forums and they dont let you change your name, well you can but then you have to start with zero posts :(

And the responses of the mods here seem pretty fast... I like