Changing My Mood


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How often do you change your Mood? Do you change it regularly to reflect your mood IRL?

I usually leave it for a few weeks, or a month or two, unless I'm in a particularly strong mood. :)
I never used to change it much but I do now sometimes. When I don't know what to change it to I put it as a random one. I think its on a random one at the moment, I didn't check before I answered this thread. :shifteyes: But yeah I do change it fairly often to reflect how I'm feeling at the time.

Edit: Ooo yes its on 'hacker'... lovely :D
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I don't think I have changed my mood is months. I like mine on lurking, that way you never know. Keep you guessing is more fun.


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I change my mood regulary, nearly every couple of days. Most of the time I can't even make my mind up about how I feel, but generally I will change it every 2nd day.


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I've only changed it about 3 or 4 times [been a member about a month or so]

But I will typically put it as my real mood


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I change it pretty much eveytime I log on, as my mood changes all the time. And yes, it reflects my mood in real life.