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TV changing faces


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i have noticed in soaps they often take a character away for a while and then when they bring the same character back its a completly different person sometimes they're even clearly alot older i think they would be better just permantly getting rid of the character i find it really offputting when they do this


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The last time I watched a soap opera was way back in about 1997 or so.
All My Children was the only soap I watched..and I remember Susan Lucci never aged ~LoL~
It was aggravating to see someone have a small child.....then poof!..one day, that small child is off to college.
And when you get used to a certain person playing that role...when they replace them with a new person, it's hard to get used to.
I can't think of any names at the moment either......but it's been eons since I have watched any soaps.


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This happens in movies, too. I'm pretty sure they changed the woman that played Pam in all three Focker movies. Rachel Dawes was played by a different woman in both Batman movies. It happens all of the time.


Yeah I've seen this happeb quite a few times. To be honest I don't like this. When I get used to certain faces I don't want other ones.