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Change your username


Registered Member
If you had to, for some reason - what would you change your username to?

Minding the following restrictions:
It cannot be remotely similar to your current username.
It cannot contain numbers
It must be between 3 and 9 letters/characters long.

Pick a bunch of possibilities if you want to.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Fuck your 9 letter limit, I'm sticking to my main 10-letter username; Nevyrmoore.

If, however, I was forced to make it 9 letters, I'd remove one of the o's.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I've changed it before...I was originally The_Unity, and then went to Warrior_Poet, and then back to my roots with a simplified version of the 1st name.

If I had to change it again, I'd go back to the WP route. I'd probably take out the underscore, though. WarriorPoet.

It wasn't a popular name, but I still like it a lot. Unity is just who I am around here, though.