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Change sex for a day


New Member
What would you do if you could change your sex for the day? So if you male you become a female for a day.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Lets just say I would be staying in all day, and then try to go to every gyms possible in this town and work out, then go take a shower in the ladies room. I'm sure almost every other guy here would do the same.


Living on the 0th floor
Like Babe_Ruth I would stay in all day and *play* with my new toy... and really beyond that.. There's nothing I would care to do as a man that I can't do as a woman.


Sally Twit
Masturbate like there was no tomorrow. Because there would be no tomorrow.


Registered Member
Yes I'd definitely masturbate, maybe try to have sex with somebody, shoot some boogers out of my nose, go to a gay bar?


blue 3
Welp we can definatly see the mindset of most members here. I guess sigmund freud was right after all.

And the worst part is, I agree. I'd definatly go to town, I'd have to find out what an orgasm felt like for a girl, and then I'd have sex. With virtually anyone I could find. Best part is I couldn't get pregnant.