Change Of Heart (COH) Friday, June 9th 2006

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Why this card got banned the second time around instead of the first I do not know. This card is just that damn good that it should have been banned the first time around.

Back in the old days Change Of Heart with a tribute monster in your hand like Jinzo meant good game. Awww the memories. I would use this wonderful card to take an opponents face down Magician Of Faith, flip it, get back COH, and sacrifice it for Jinzo.

It's rather sad though how that will only be a memory. With it's friend brain control this card will get no burn. It's rather sad actually. Oh wellZ we can all remanise I guess.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: Banned


Yeah if you play Traditional and you don't have this card buy a structure to get one it helps out when your out numbered just take a monster and smash thiers and hopfully they have the same attack to get rid of both.
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