Championship Sunday: Angels win West

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by KatieAnn, Sep 23, 2007.

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    If I was the three other teams that make the playoffs I would be very afraid to face this team, they have tons of great players, there starting rotation is one of the strongest in the American League, Lackey and Escobar are a scary combanation, and K-Rod is arguably the best closers in the league. Then when you have a player like Guerrero on your team anything can happen.
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    Wildcard team in this for sure. Not literally of course but I mean they can really pull off some big wins and take it all home or they could go after one round. It's hard to predict as of right now but we'll just wait and see.

    Props to the Angels though. One great year and I hope they have some success in the playoffs.

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