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Nintendo 64 Challenges


Registered Member
Did anyone here actually beat all the challenges? I think I got really close to up till one challenge with a load of aliens who had lasers.. it was really hard.


Registered Member
The challenges suck. They were easy at first, but I got tired of them once they started getting ridiculous. I think I stoped on that one in the sewers where you have to defend this retard in a one hit kill scenario with Magsecs and a perfectsim or something. It's stupid.
I enjoyed the challenges for the most part but, like vega said, some are just stupid. I remember the only reason I beat challenge 29 (you vs. two DarkSims at the G5 Building) was because of a cheap trick (hide in the pit, the sims can't quite hit you, but you can hit them). I never beat challenge 30.