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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Th3Pr3Tz3l, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Well I am a bit hurt in that there is nowhere for me to post a CFL topic in that the football board is specific to the NFL...but whatever.

    Is anyone on GF a Canadian football fan? Personally I enjoy the Canadian game more because there is more offense due to a larger field, one fewer down, and it's many other differences from the American game.

    Some people think of the CFL just as a league with worse players. But it happens often, a successful NFL player comes to the CFL and they don't cut it. It's because Canadian Football is a very different game.

    If you aren't a fan, why not? If you are, what is your team and what do you expect from them this season?

    I'm a BC Lions fan and I have access to seasons tickets so i go to 1/3 of the games a season. I expect the Lions to reach the post-season this season (as I do every season) although I am a bit worried. The defense has quite a few holes this year and we've lost our 2 amazing rookie running backs to the NFL the last two seasons. Casey Printers will likely be the starting QB and he never won a game he started last season despite good play.

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    I barely watch the CFL, if I do it's the Toronto Argonauts. I hate three down football with a passion, it ruins a good drive way to many times. I also hate that you can get one point if you miss a field goal, that rule is just rediculous.

    The reason why there's more scoring and more offensive yards then the NFL is because the field are larger. Did you see the size of the end zones? It's crazy how much room these players have in there.

    I'm not trying to take anything away from these CFL football players, but they're bad if you compare them to the NFL players.

    I would love to see a CFL All Star team take on a NFL All Star team, in a best of five series. Two games in a CFL stadium, two games in a NFL stadium, then they flip the coin to see where the next game would be played.
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    I have no interest in the CFL. It's not really football. I like it slightly better than Arena League. They both just use gimmicky rules to produce more offense. I prefer the offense/defense balance, as well as the running/passing balance, in the NFL and NCAA.
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    It is football. It's just not your football. Canadian Football's rules aren't gimicky. Arena Football was pulled out of someone's ass, and although I imagine I would enjoy Arena Football that is where it came from. Canadian Football was developed out of rugby being played in Canada's rugby league in 1884. This is why we have a larger ball. Canadian Football was being developed just as early as the American game was and is totally independent from it. We in no way attempt to be like the American game and that is why when people say they don't like the CFL because it is just a weird version of the NFL, I get annoyed.

    You hate three down football because it's too hard? I don't enjoy the NFL because it's all about the long drive. The running back can squeeze out 3 yards a carry (HOW EXCITING) and keep the drive going. Three down football puts more pressure on the offence to go further each play. And the offence is also given a lot of lee way to make up for the lost down. One fewer defender plus the larger field and the fact that the line of scrimmage is a yard back from the ball rather than on it makes up for the removed down in my mind.

    A CFL All-star team vs. an NFL All-star team isn't very fair. The CFL has 6 franchises and therefore fewer players to pick from. Anyways, I am not stating that the players are better in the CFL because that would be stupid.

    All I am saying is that the CFL has a tougher and more exciting game. And if it had the financial backing I believe a football player would rather play that style. Plus the NFL needs the CFL given they don't have an established minor league.

    As I said above, in the end it is difficult to compare the 2 sports.

    So I guess there are no real CFL fans on GF? :-o
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