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Anyone got a fave?

I love Coco Pops, Weetbix & Special K


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As a teenager I practically lived on hot cornflakes.
The milk had to be brought to boiling point in a pan and poured over the cornflakes.
Then sprinkled with sugar so it crystalised a little with the heat.
Only then could a little cold milk be poured in at only one side.
Only I could do it right and it had to be the top brand.
Yes, I was a little OCD at the time.
I'm not so much now. :-/


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LUCKY CHARMS!!! :drool:
They were only here for a short time but I bloody LOVED them!
I seemed to be the only person in the UK who liked them.
Weirdos. :lol:


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Kelloggs and General Mills always without fail have the best cereals, so that leaves a lot of great options.

I'd say that my favorite cereal is Golden grahams by GM, not to sweet and definitely not too bland, it's the perfect cereal.


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Coco Pops and Rice Krispies

I don't eat them as much as I did when I was pregnant (I would eat cereal the whole day). I like them served with very cold milk.