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So Im taking a ceramics class next semester. Anyone familiar with a pottery wheel, or making thier own glazes? I think Imma have a good time, but Id like to hear the opinions of my fellow posters.


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I've done clay stuff and pottery stuff back in highschool. It was just an all-around art class though so we tried a bit of everything. It wasn't really focused on ceramic stuff. It was pretty fun. It wasn't for me though. I prefer pencil drawings.


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I'm taking that class next semester as well! I think I'll like it. I'm sort of artistic, but not very. So I'll probably have a lot of trouble with the class.


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I love ceramics, i took a class in it this year and I had thought that drawing was my artistic ability, but ceramics was amazing. I loved throwing on the wheel(my advice on centering, push the clay, dont let the clay push you, be extremely firm and high speeds dont hurt), and i really adored sculpting. I made a few portraits and was shocked with how realistic they were. Ceramic art really gives you, literally, a whole new dimension to work with and its really fun.
Have a good time in the class!


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I remember making this little pottery ashtray that my parents used as a matter of fact I think in school. Might be fun to find a class to do that again just to get away from things because you can only run for so long before your legs give out.