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Central Park Kiss

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Central Park Kiss
by S. Pringle aka Python

It was six, maybe seven hours ago
That I was watching kids playing in the snow.
They looked so happy and had much fun
As they laughed, screamed jumped and run.
I wanted to join but I was too old
And besides that would have been bold.
So I remained seated and tapped my feet
While my iPod played a funky beat.
A few minutes later a lady arrived
With a little boy by her side
She stooped and gave him a hug
Then he scurried off like a little bug.
I slid down the bench to make some space
And as she came closer, I could make out her face.
She was so pretty and elegant that I started to smile
And quite possible could have been seen for miles.
"Good morning" she said as she proceeded to sit
I responded "Hi! A lovely day isn't it?"
She told me her name and I think its French
And thanked my lucky stars that I choose this bench.
A bus came to pick up the kids
And that exactly what it did.
It was just us two and the birds in the tree
Chirping away happily.
"Well" she said "I have to go"
"I'm getting cold and can't feel my toes"
She got her purse and prepared to go
And fell after two steps into the slow.
"Are you okay" as I rushed to her side
And stepped on my lace and landed on my hide.
We sat up and stared at each other and laughed it up
As the wind blew around a Dixie Cup
"I didn't know you'd fall for me so quick" I said
And she proceeded to throw a snowball at my head.
I thought she throw like a girl
But it connected and knocked me out of this world.
I pushed her over back in the snow
And it totally boost my ego.
I said to her "I'm King of the snow"
"And I'm not letting you up until you say so"
I gazed in her eyes and she into mine
And I felt like a schoolboy in the summer time.
I slowly drew closer to reach for a kiss
And she closed her eyes and pouted her lips.
The time was cold but her lips were warm
And I felt so awesome she's falling for my charm.
"Hey get a room" I heard a few feet away
And she opened her eyes and turned that way.
She put her hands around me and said "Let's give 'em a show"
And we stayed kissing and cuddling up in the snow.

It was two days ago that I met this girl in the park
And boy oh boy I'm happy as a lark.
I didn't know how happy I could be
In this great town called New York City.
Her sister is getting married so she flew into town
To help with the food, flowers and wedding gown.
Since we hit it off, I am going to be her date
So I'll have to get a sharp suit soon before its too late.
My cell just beep from a text or two
And it's just my sweetie saying that "I love you"
Oh the "L" word, I thought to myself
And then closed the phone and laid it back on the shelf.
I stopped and pondered what to do
If I should text back "I love you, too"
I left the cell and grabbed the phone
And listened for a dial tone.
I heard the tone then held three
And the speed dial called her instantly
She answered the phone after a ring, maybe two
And imitating Stevie Wonder I sung I love you.
Tonight we shall dine at Applebee's
And if all goes well I'll ask her to stay in New York with me.

It got cold and started to rain
So I decided to take a cab and skip the train.
God was looking out for me, all the time
Because the trains got stuck in down power lines.
I made it there with time to spare
And told the cabbie to wait after I paid the fare.
I rushed up the stairs really fast
Being careful not to land on my ass.
I rang the bell and tapped the door
And it cracked a little showing the chair, table and floor
I pushed the door and peeked in
And what I saw was a total sin
She was kissing a guy and it was her ex
And I clinched my fist for I was vexed.
The cabbie started to honk his horn
And when it stopped my heart was torn.
I spun around and bolt for the step
And couldn't believe this girl respect.
She ran down with the wind in her hair
And I told cabbie "Get me the hell outta here!"
As it moved I crossed my eye
And watch the scene go by
Now I'm alone once again
And is looking for another friend
I don't know where she will be
But I'll be checking in New York City.

It is Valentine's Day and I'm heading home
Thinking what I would do since I'm all alone.
I slow down and turn in my lot
And crept up slowly in my parking spot.
Driving can be such a pain
But it beats being stuck on a funky train.
I open the door to feel for ice
And notice the weather is really nice.
I got out and held the door
In hopes of not falling on the floor
I made it thru the snow and walked on in
And I saw Weezer in the hall with a case of gin.
I greeted him with a "Hi!"
And he said "Sup!" and walked on by.
I open my door and dropped the mail
And there was a green bottle chilling in a pail.
What the hell? I didn't leave that there
Someone must be in the house hiding somewhere.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed the broom
And proceded to to search room by room.
I was expecting a thief or my folks instead
But it was my French girl laying in bed.
I wanted to know what in the world she was doing here
And she walked over and whispered the answer in my ear.
Through the robe, I could see her doubles
And knew she still cared for going thru all the trouble.
I was curious to know how she got in
And she said it was my friend who took the gin.
I laughed to myself and shook my head
And then we both curled up into bed
Later I got up and made pasta so we could dine
And we wash it down with the green bottle of wine
We cuddle up and watch televison in the dark
Remembering how we met in Central Park.
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Secret Agent
Staff member
So I have to ask, is this inspired by true events or did you make it all up? It's a good read for the most part and it flows well.

I have written some poetry in the past but nothing quite that long. I guess I need to wait until I have a reason to, i.e. a girlfriend. I don't want to bust out the poetry unless I have to. :)