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Censoring Yourself


Well-Known Member
Are you one of those people that censors yourself when you go to swear? Not just when you're around little kids either. Making up 'cute' words to replace the cuss words?

This is something that really annoys me. Obviously in your mind you're meaning to swear, so why the need to replace that word with something else? Everyone knows what you actually mean. I guess I can understand it around small children, but not the rest of the time. My mom does this all the time. Shoot to replace shit, fudge and firetrucks to replace fuck, etc. She comes up with some real crazy ones sometimes.


Embrace the Suck
I censor myself in the sense that I rarely swear. I used to swear and it still comes out sometimes. Just today I referred to a judge (here in the office, not in person) as a fucking midget because he pissed me off. The secretaries in the office were shocked because I don't use that language here. I don't use words like that though. If I'm going to swear, I swear.


Registered Member
sometimes i stop myself half way through a swear word infront of kids and family but i never replace it with fudge or anything like that, i dont normally bother trying to censor myself around friends or anything like that though
i know someone who always says what a bar stewart instead of bastard, it sounds basically the same so seems pointless


Mark ov teh Pond
lol @ firetruck.

I don't know why, either. When I was working, I would occasionally drop something or even break a dish and even when I 'cleaned' up my vocabulary it was still a head-turner.

I knew someone who said... Cheese & rice, was it? Instead of Jesus Christ.


Registered Member
For me, I do not like the use of most swear words. I have said them, and occasional I still do, only if I am very upset. But I prefer not to use them so I do not use others words to replace them either.


yellow 4!
I don't tend to swear that much, so when I do it's usually impulsive and there's not enough thought process to censor myself, haha. I wouldn't anyway because I'm very rarely around people who care. My mum does it sometimes, but she also swears for real a LOT lol. You wouldn't expect it based on first impressions.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
If I am around people who I don't know that well I'll just not use curse words just in case they are offended by them. I don't put weird words in their place. So if I'm just meeting you and someone by us is acting like a fuck head I won't say, "man that person is being a real frick head." I'll just say something that is politically correct instead.

So yeah, depends on my company if I'll censor myself or not. I don't cuss as much as I used too because I don't find it to be professional. I've said this many times and that's that I do enjoy saying fuck in odd situations. Makes me laugh...wouldn't do it around people I don't know though.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Depending my surroundings I'll censor myself. If I'm around my friends then I won't. I swear in front of them, and they swear in front of me. I don't get offended by words.

I barely swear in front of my parents, never did, never will. I'll say the F-Word on occasion, but it's very rare. I'll never swear in front of grand-parents, not in a million years. I've let out a few F-Bombs around kids before, but that's because I was at a sporting event, and I was getting mad.


Registered Member
I do censor myself, but I more or less have to. Around children, and those that I know are very religious, I can talk very politely and not use any curse words. But at home, and around my family, oh yeah, them fucking shit words fly! All of my children cuss, my friends do, I also do swear in front of my granddaughter. But she knows she can't say them. It's a bad habit, that's what I call it anyway, everyone is entitled to at least one of those, right? I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't run around with other ladies' gents, so I feel I can tweak out a damn Jesus H. Christ every now and then. But, I had much respect for my Mother, while I did say a few of the tamer words: damn, shit, bitch- I never dropped the F bomb in front of her.


Registered Member
I used to work at a daycamp, so we had all kinds of stupid words to replace actual swear words. That was one cuss-wordless summer. Because I used them all day long, they'd come out in conversation instead of the actual word I meant.

The only one I can remember is "shoot Batman" for shit or something.
But I don't bother censoring myself, if I'm around people I shouldn't swear around, then I just don't. And if I'm around people that I don't know well enough or whatever, I just try not to do it as often as I normally would.

Also, cheese & rice for jesus christ is lame. But the different variations of JC all make me giggle...christ on a raft, christ on a cracker, etc. I use those a lot and get strange looks.