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Cena slowly turning heel? *Spoilers from Raw*


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I know we've had several topics regarding this issue, but I decided to start a new one.

It's seems that the WWE are slowly turning Cena in to a heel. First they had him feud with The Rock, was obviously will get tons of cheers and Cena will get booed out of the building when he confronts him. Now it seems that he's going to start a feud with Brock Lesnar after Brock gave him the F5. From people's reaction, it seems that Brock will get the cheers and Cena will get the boos once again.

Cena talked about not letting the boos effect him, but I believe after a while it will "get the him" and he will turn on the fans, it's only a matter of time till it happens.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I was saying basically the same thing to Millz when we were talking about Brock's return...adn I may have mentioned it in the Raw thread. With Lesnar's return and getting cheered, I think that the signs we saw before WM of a possible heel turn will continue to grow. I mean, the fans are standing behind guys that haven't been in around in years over the franchise of the company...it's got to "get to him," right? I think it's possible, but who knows if it would take a few months or another year to go into motion...if Vince even has the balls to do it.


Where is my Queen?
I think after he loses to Brock Lesnar, I think Cena will snap and turn heel. Just wishful thinking, but there is no way he is going to win against Lesnar. The WWE doesn't want him to look weak. I think he is on the verge of snapping and the promo he did on Raw showed it. He shows no confidence now, and after he lose to Brock, that will be 2 losses in a row for him.
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