Cena on MTV's Punk'd

John Cena is in the season - and series - finale of MTV's Punk'd along with Disney's Alyson Michalka and Kerr Smith from the TV show Justice. The episode will air on 5/29 and will include Cena's driver running a stop sign and hitting a hearse on the way to a funeral. All hell breaks lose between the family members of the "dead" guy with the coffin in the street. While Cena kept his cool throughout the whole segment he really let out some expletive words after he found out he was punk'd which was really funny.


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I liked this show till now. I hate how Cena gets so much well breaks and stuff like this when more talented and better wrestlers get nothing at all.


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Imagine if he got pissed off about this and did FU on Ashton. That's what I would call "Cena PWND"


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Well that would go down as the most random thing I have ever seen.

Cena is just growing and growing in popularity but really I think that eventually its all going to catch up on him and he'll sink down. So many wrestlers in the past have been in the same states but now they are no where to be seen.


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Exactly. His fan base thank God is not as high as it once was. Hopefully it falls more and more and eventually he's a heel.