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Do you find a cemetery a peaceful quiet place to be??
Or is it creepy to you??
Or do you feel nothing about the subject, because you never have a reason to go there anyway??


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Call me morbid, but it seems a calming place to be. Probably because you don't get people running around and such compared to a regular place.

I guess it also depends on the state of the cemetery. Seems people enjoy destroying headstones and/or littering inside them.



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I don't often go to cemetaries, and I have a similar feeling there like when I go into churches (which I don't do often either): A rather calm, slightly illustrious and maybe a tad mystic feeling, which causes a mild feeling of awe in me.


yellow 4!
A year or so ago when I was upset because I thought my brother was in a lot of trouble, and had been driving around towns like a crazy person trying to find him, the first place I went when I gave up was a cemetery. I don't really know why, I just felt like it was the one place you can cry and nobody will question you, because surely the reason is already obvious. I didn't even cry or anything, just the feeling of being left alone for a bit was relaxing. I cleared my head and found him in the end. :)

However, if it's night time then I find them creepy!


It's not me, it's you.
The last place I want to be is the cemetery. What if the zombie apocalypse happens while I am inside? I would be so screwed.


still nobody's bitch
I love cemeteries. I find them to be very peaceful. I love looking at the headstones and statues, especially the older ones. When I was in Savannah I went to the cemetery where Johnny Mercer is buried, the famous cemetery. It was really cool.


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I like them, I took a bunch of pictures at one a while ago to see if any ghost showed up. I lost all the photos though before I got to look.......


Better Call Saul
Staff member
We used to play hide and seak in the graveyard by our elementary school back in the day. I wasn't afraid at all and we did it at night.

I think they are pretty cool during the daytime hours when it's light out. I guess I was braver back then but I wouldn't want to be in one at night anymore.


Sultan of Swat
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I only go if I really need too, not that I'm afraid of them it's just not a place I enjoy spending my time at. When I do go though, I'm like Jeanie. I love reading some of the headstones, seeing what year they were born and died, or just a little message left by the family.

A few months ago, a few people went to a cemetery overnight and destroyed some of the head stones. I thought it was so awful when I read that in the Newspaper.


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I only go about 2 or 3 times a year. I dont really like them ,, i think of all the people who have been put in the ground there. I dont want to be put in a hole in the ground when i die:(