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Cemetery In Your Basement


Registered Member
Would you move, if you found out the house you were living in now, was built on a cemetery site??...only the headstones were moved, but the bodies were not!
How fast would you move??
Or would you stay put??


The Hierophant
Simply knowing that a house were built on the graves of people in and of itself wouldn't necessarily keep me from moving into a house. What would, however deter me from moving into that house is how bad the ghosts are in that house.

I believe in ghosts with all of my being and if the ghosts were friendly in that house, I'd probably move into it, maybe. If the price were right. But if the house were haunted with the ghost of John Wayne Gacey:)lol: cause he buried little boys in his basement) I absolutely wouldn't move in.

In either case, I'd want to spend quite a bit of time in the house before I actually made a decision to move into it or not.

On a side note, I'd move into a house that was right next to a cemetery if I liked the house, without even considering the cemetery.


Babeasaurus Sex
I'd stay put :)

It's fun! I'd only be worried if I'd bought it that selling it on would be difficult.


Registered Member
I think that is one thing that you might be able to find out with enough research. Let the dead rest and let the spirits cross over peacefully. They lived here long enough and been through enough shit.

I'mma just say this though. If I was one of those spirits and someone moved into a house right above my grave, you know that I'm gonna be fuckin with some people during the night time. lmao

What? You gonna move into a house on my grave and you're not gonna get fucked with? Hell naw, its a wrap. lmaooo!! I'm about to start drawin on some fogged up mirrors on some "GET OUT" shit. lmfaoooo
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A Darker Knight
I would move, I find it disrespectful to the dead.
Ditto. My future home can't have any negative history whatsoever.


It's not me, it's you.
I would definitely move. It has a creepy factor that I don't want to be a part of.

Plus, I'm not prepared for the zombie apocalypse yet...and living on top of dead bodies would mean that I would most likely be the first one to get my brains eaten.


Mark ov teh Pond
I would stay put. Honestly, I do live in a basement and if there were bodies underneath the floor it wouldn't bother me as long as there was no stench and all.

I don't believe in "spirits" or "ghosts" but I can tell you that, if they were haunting here they would want to be the ones to move. It would pretty much go down like this:

Ghost 1: Bo0o0o0o0o
Ghost 2: Shit's old, mate.
Ghost 1: Yeah, so is this wanker. I thought I didn't have a life, damn.
Ghost 3: You don't.
Ghost 4: ~LoL~
Ghost 2: WTF is he at it again? Christ.
Ghost 3: Yeah, didn't his mother ever tell him he'll go blind from all that.
Ghost 1: The boy's got spirit, I give him that.
Ghost 3: No, he's got "spirits"; get it?
Ghost 4: ~LoL~
Ghost 2: This truly is hell.


I'm serious
I wish I could say I wouldn't let it bother me, but to be honest, I would move out. Or not move in in the first place. I think I watched The Amityville Horror once to many. I do believe that evil spirits haunts places, whether they are ghosts or negative energy forces or what ever. I wouldn't sleep one night in a house like that.