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Creeping On You
So how many of you guys have cellphones? I have one myself. 204-771-6330 for those interested =P You guys don't have to type your own. Just curious how many people have them. What kind of pictures do you set as the screensaver. What's your ringtones? My picture is just a picture of the river that runs behind my apartment building. Usually I just google image a picture and take a picture of it with my phone and set that s my background. I don't bother with downloading any images to my phone. As far as ringtones go, I make my own as well. I just make midi files on my computer and just use those.

So lets hear from you guys.


The Original Kiwi
I have a palm. It's the first one I've had and am enjoying all the additional features that aren't just the phone. I don't have a wallpaper set, but my ringtone is always some random song. Right now its the Superman theme song. I use it for grocery lists, texting, pics, games, internet, directions, calendar, address book, IMing, and more.


Registered Member
I has a cell phone! (who doesnt?)

Ish the smallest cell phone allive!
Upstage by Samsung (sprint exclusive)
Phone on one side and a MP3 on the other..

V- I have a Halo 3 screenshot for the background -V

I have two ring tones I use both metal songs from Lamb of God, one for recognized callers and one for nobodies..


No Custom Title Exists
I have a Motorola VRazr. And my backround is Melbourne Victory logo, while the screensaver is a picture of me and my ex.


Registered Member
I have 4 cell phones.... I have 2 with Verizon and 2 with Sprint. My Verizon is about to expire and I'm going to let them expire because they wouldn't give me a military discount. Sprint gives me 15% off my bill because of my military status.


New Member
I have one, my background and ringtones are just some of the crappy ones that come with the phone, but I only use it to talk to one person. So I didn't see the need to get anything special on it.


Sally Twit
I have a pink phone. My wallpaper is a picture of my sisters dog. I rarely even look at it anymore. I just take it out with me so people can contact me if they need to. I used to love mobiles and thought they were the best thing since sliced bread but now I couldn't care either way. It just runs a hole in my pocket to be honest.


Registered Member
The only reason I have one is because my wife works for Verizon so I don't have to pay anything for it. They're more trouble than they're worth. I leave mine off most of the time except if I'm in the car. Just in case of accident or breakdown I can call for assistance.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I have a Cell Phone it's an LG. I usually change my ring tones a lot. My current background is a girl in a bra and panties from a Maxin photoshoot.

Here's a few of my ring tones that I've downloaded:

-Def Leppard: Pour some Sugar on Me
-Tears for Fears: Everyone wants to rule the world
-Foreigner: Cold as Ice
-ACDC: Shook me all night long
-ACDC: Thunderstruck
-Michael Jackson: Leave me alone
-Michael Jackson: Blood on the dance floor
-Cheap Trick: I want you to want me
-Duran Duran: Reflex
-Rocky Theme Song

That's about it.
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