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I love taking pictures (fail or not) with my ordinary camera. GF members I've met last year in Chicago can attest to that. :lol: There are times I'd have more than a hundred just for an evening with friends. During my vacation last month, I decided to give my picture-taking a twist.

With my mobile phone camera, I decided to take pictures of non-people and of things that captured my interest during my trip, whether I can explain the reason or not (which is mostly the case). I called it my Art-Z project. What's good about this is that I can do it anytime because I always have my BlackBerry with me. The result wasn't so bad, based on initial feedback.

Anyway, just sharing some pictures:


And the entire album is here: Art-Z | Facebook
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That's gotta be a pretty good camera phone. All the pictures are nice and crisp. Any picture I take on my cellphone turns out like crap. What phone did you use?