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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
There are a few things I'm wondering that Cell could have possibly done.
The first is if Cell could have used the Kaioken technique. After all he doesn't appear to transform into Super Saiyan like Goku did so it should be possible for him to be able to at least use kaioken x2. With that kind of power he could have wiped out SSJ2 Gohan with ease.

Another query I have is to whether Cell could have transformed into oozaru by creating a power ball like Vegeta did. We know that being made up of the cells or Piccolo and Frieza has allowed Cell to use their races special traits, such as regeneration and surviving in space, so if a full moon was present do you think Cell would have transformed into oozaru Cell? I know that usually a Saiyan needs the muscle present in their tail to initiate the transformation but maybe that muscle exists in Cell's body. Just some thoughts. Also are there any other techniques that Cell oculd have used to defeat the Z fights that he didn't use before?

Oh and one final question. Why wasn't King Kai brought back to life by the wish made to bring back all of Cell's victims? After all he WAS killed by Cell's explosion.

Anonym0uz Bitch

King Kai should have been, it was just a plot hole basically.