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Cell shading: love it or hate it?

Cell shading: love it or hate it

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Registered Member
I am on the fence with this one, so I didn't vote. I've seen it look good in games, but have also seen it look pretty bad.


Registered Member
Erm, the cell shading doesn't have much to do with them having a nose or not. Cell shading is just where they make it look as if it was a comic/cartoon or something with outlines.


Registered Member
sorry i didn't add a middle option. from what i collected over time it was either a strong feeling of love/hate for it.

cell shading is pretty much litterally adding a black outline to a 3D object [ as i understand it to be ]. so it looks more 2D and comic/cartoon like.

games that used cel shading:

Jet Set Radio [ Future ]
Ultimate Spider-Man
Zelda: Wind Waker
Viewtiful Joe
[ that's all i could think of at the top of my head ]

now that i think about it, JSR for the DC was the first game to utilize cel shading and i loved it, both the shading and the game.