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Cell phones/ipods in schools


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I really have way to much to say about this topic all at once so I'm going to start it out nice and easy.

My personal thoughts.

I see people using cell phones and ipods in school all the time when they shouldn't be. I think that teachers should be allowed to take away cell phones permanently, that would make students that think that it's okay to use their phones in school think twice before they take it out when they shouldn't be.

everyones thoughts?


Cell phones - Yes (College only)
iPods - Yes (College only)

The only excuse people could make to allow cell phones on campus in high schools is for emergency use. That can easily be solved by calling the school first, THEN getting the student involved.

In college you're more mature (hopefully) and should be able to tell when you're able to use either or these items or not.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I don't see a problem with people having them on their person... but using them in class to text, call, send pictures, etc unless it's an emergency is disruptive to the rest of the class, particularly the person a few seats over who is receiving the messages and not paying attention to the lesson. ;)

When I was in highschool the cell phone craze was just starting. Most people had them but texting and camera phones weren't very popular yet.

In college I don't think it's a problem. In highschool cell phone use can be a major distraction though. Not to mention the people using them generally miss out on the class they are in.


A Darker Knight
Sometimes on workdays, our teacher lets us use our ipods. In my computer class, where social interaction is nonexistent, our teacher is fine with us listening to our ipods.

Cell phones are to allowed in any classes. Some teachers just keep telling students to put it away, but very few actually take them up.

It was only this year that our school adopted a new policy that we could use ipods and cellphones during lunch and passing period, but not in class. That might be a contributing reason to an increase in cell phone/electronic usage.