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Cell phones at weddings and concerts


Secret Agent
Staff member
How do you feel about people holding up cell phones at weddings and concerts?

Here’s a recent article I wrote about a wedding photographer whose photo was ruined by an attendee with an iPhone.

Wedding Photographer's Open Letter Goes Viral After iPhone Photo Ruins Otherwise Perfect Moment

I see this all the time lately and honestly I wish people would be more considerate. At concerts, it’s one thing, but don’t leave your phone up in the air for entire songs at a time!


Registered Member
People are rude. That is the entire problem.

I have shot weddings and also just been a guy with a camera moving around at a wedding taking photos. I am mindful of the wedding photographer and their lighting.

I'm 6'4" and I can keep out of the way. So can others, if they just try.


The Rock is cooking atm..
I'll admit I'm one of those people that record with a phone, but only for a minute or two. Otherwise it's become the norm, didn't like it at first but grown used to it. No biggie.


Free Spirit
Staff member
As long as you're not blocking the wedding photographer I think its fine. Just stay out of the way, be discreet.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Also want to add, I'm big on Snapchat lol and need something cool for the story and the gram. Was a hater, now an appreciator 😂


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Please suggest anyone which phone is the best in lowest budget? And also suggest Narzo 10 is better or not?
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