Cell phones at weddings and concerts


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How do you feel about people holding up cell phones at weddings and concerts?

Here’s a recent article I wrote about a wedding photographer whose photo was ruined by an attendee with an iPhone.

Wedding Photographer's Open Letter Goes Viral After iPhone Photo Ruins Otherwise Perfect Moment

I see this all the time lately and honestly I wish people would be more considerate. At concerts, it’s one thing, but don’t leave your phone up in the air for entire songs at a time!


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People are rude. That is the entire problem.

I have shot weddings and also just been a guy with a camera moving around at a wedding taking photos. I am mindful of the wedding photographer and their lighting.

I'm 6'4" and I can keep out of the way. So can others, if they just try.


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I'll admit I'm one of those people that record with a phone, but only for a minute or two. Otherwise it's become the norm, didn't like it at first but grown used to it. No biggie.