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Cell Phone Service Providers


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Okay, right now I have US Cellular but am looking to possibly switch.

Unfortunately I don't know anything about which ones are actually good and which ones sucks.

Anybody like a certain one over another?


The Hierophant
All I know is that Apple and all of their iPhones are horrible, from what I hear. They drop reception, need duct tape to fix their shit, and the actual iPhone itself can do just about everything except call anyone.

That aside, I don't really know much about any of the providers. I have Verizon and it's done me well. I don't really care about all the bells and whistles that go into a cell phone anymore, but as long as I can call and text, I'm fine. Verizon has served those purposes very well for me. Unfortunately, though, me personally, I am bad with technology and I strongly feel like I have some kind of magnetic charge or something that interferes with when I get my texts. I know lots of people that have Verizon that have never experienced this, but for some reason my texts sometimes don't come to me that day and sometimes they'll stock pile somewhere and I'll get like a weeks worth of texts all at once.


Registered Member
I'll go with Verizon too. Very rarely have I ever gone without service on my phone, and I have the HTC Eris (an iPhone-type knockoff). I can only remember one time I was without service, and I was in the middle of bum fuck Egypt. I've never had another provider, unless you count Tracfone, but I wouldn't recommend them.. mainly because I'm in love with my smart phone. (anyone else sing it in the tone of "I'm in love with a stripper? No? okay..)


Registered Member
Check the coverage maps where you are is the best suggestion. Some are better than others and then you also have a comparable plan option too when you do that. That being said I use AT&T and have had no dropped calls or issues what so ever.

As for the Apple's, most people I know haven't had any of those issues and I sometimes wonder if it's not actually user error.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Thanks for the feedback...

I am actually torn between two and Verizon was one of them. Every review I can find has Verizon towards to the top of the list. The only problem with Verizon is they don't offer the Blackberry that I want haha...that might be the deciding factor.


Son of Liberty
I have had Verizon for the last 6 years. When I'm talking Verizon to Verizon I've never had a Dropped call during that period.

My Sister has AT&T and she drops calls like crazy... in Fact the only calls I've ever had dropped have been while talking to her and then its fairly obvious its her service not mine dropping the calls.

All in all I've had a great stay with Verizon, and although they dont have the sexiest phones available.... I plan on staying with them. In fact my contract is up next March, Kim and I are already looking into getting Droids because my new every two thing is available in December.


Where is my Queen?
I have worked in the cell phone industry in the past, and the 2 main companies you want to stay away from is T-Mobile and Sprint. They are really horrible. Bad customer service and horrible reception. If you go with AT&T, just stay away from the Iphone, trust me it sucks. But you can only pick one and I would go with Verizon. The coverage is by far the best I have experienced and their customer service is superb, also there droid phones beat the daylights out of the Iphone.


Registered Member
Verizon here too :)
And I am quite happy with it.


Problematic Shitlord
The only good suggestion so far is Blueyes. Check coverage maps to know which companies have the most service in your area. People are going to vary from company to company in terms of experiences so starting with coverage area is the best idea.