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Cell Phone Jammer


Registered Member
Now, I know we've all thought about having one of these things around just to shut up that inane hoodlum on the bus from talking to his homies nonstop or to get a driver's attention back on the road, but I didn't realize they actually existed.

Here's a link to an honest-to-goodness cell phone jammer:


Unfortunately, it looks like it's only for sale in the UK and it's quite possibly illegal in the US, but it would be a nice thing to have around :D


Secret Agent
Staff member
I didn't know these existed. Very nice find.

I'd probably never buy one, but I can think of a lot of fun things to do with it if I had one. :)


Registered Member
Some people I play golf with want one really bad now. They are always complaining about people on their cells when they're playing golf (what up wit dat? is what I say ... I got enough trouble listening to myself talk when I'm setting up a shot), so I sent them the link and I think one of them is going to order one.

I did warn them that they might not want to disconnect someone when they're driving - that might cause an accident right there as the driver tries to figure out how he got disconnected - but stationary objects would be cool to be able to knock off the line.


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The hell with them when they are driving, lol it's their fault any way. Buy a car kit. ;)


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I don't think it is good idea, to use a cell phone jammer on people talking on their cell phones while driving. I do occasionally, on my way to work, to let the manager know that I am on my way. Also a cell phone is a handy tool to use, to contact the police in case of a drunk driver, or a driver who hasn't gotten enough sleep and can't seem to stay on the road.

It would probably be good to use while you are getting ready to swing at a golf ball and don't want to be disturbed by someone talking on the phone, but they should not be on all the time. If someone needed to make a call and someone was using a cell phone jammer, that someone would not be able to call for help.

For short durations, I see nothing wrong with using a cell phone jammer, but not for extended periods of time.