Celine (:

Hello.. I'm Celine, 14 years old, from Philippines. :D
I'm here for a little fun, and open for new true friendship.
Never worry, im kind and approachable :lick: Hoping you'll accept me here..


Creeping On You
lol, nice avatar Bex, lawl.

Hey AntiEverything! How's it going? From the phillipines eh? I work with a lot of people from the phillipines. A neat culture. I'm sure you're tons friendly.
Oh..nice.. D

Btw, i love photography, typography, modern music and a little of basketball..lol :>

@Smelnick: Hey, everything's goin' great, it's summer here, no classes. f-u-n haha. thanks! :)

THANK YOU ALL :D that's really nice of you