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Celebrity Prenuptual Agreements


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This must be due to the recent Jessica Simpson / Nick Lachey split, but there has been a lot of Yahoo coverage on prenups. Simpson and Lahey didn't have one.

Here's an article from Yahoo that tells some of the things that are in prenups:

Like only one football game per Sunday
Allowing a spouse to do random drug tests


Personally, I think prenups have gone too far. I thought prenups were supposed to protect your financial assets in the event of a split, but I guess not anymore. They seem to be just there to have control over your spouse.


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That's stupid. Marriage isn't supposed to feel like getting the bad end of a lopsided contract.

I agree that a prenuptual agreement is a smart choice in some cases, but I'd never sign anything that limits how many football games I can watch.. So stupid.


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It just makes me think more and more that celebrity weddings are just for show and just to make headlines. Think about it, two celebs sit down with their lawyers and he says that she cannot go over 120 pounds or she owes him $100,000. How romantic is that??


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I agree with both of you guys. A prenup is a good idea in some cases, but some of that stuff is ridiculous. And I agree that celebrity weddings are really stupid. It's pathetic how they get so much publicity, and that a lot of people actually care.


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Your opinion, Vega, is that for marriages in general or celebrity marriages? Do you have a negative opinion on marriage in general?

If you are talking celebrity marriages, I'd have to agree. I was sad when Demi Moore and Bruce Willis divorced. I thought they seemed somewhat like a normal couple.

I normally don't follow things too closely, but lately a lot of celebs have been in the limelight for relationships.


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Marriage is one of those offputting subjects. The more people talk about marriage problems, marriage anxieties, and especially.... es-PECIALLY the "contractization" of marriage, it just makes me realize how incredibly risky it is. It's like I can't imagine trusting anybody on the face of the planet enough to marry them and know for sure that (A) they're not going to cheat on you, and (B) they're not going to use you for money and try to divorce you if you either (1) finally get some, or (2) fall on hard times. It's like there's no way to turn, no way to be fully protected, and yet the very feeling of needing to be protected from it is just bothersome. Of course all of this is "logically speaking" here. I'm sure when people actually fall in love, things change... but even that's something I'm real critical of. I know the stupidity of the human race all too well, I know that people can do some surprising things with their mind if they warp it far enough, and I know that because of it, it's very tricky to distinguish real love from well.... something that's probably what it is that's responsible for the absurdly high divorce rate. I mean 50%+, what are people insane??? It's like marriage means NOTHING to anyone anymore. What the hell happened to people. UGGH God.... and the thing is I know that I'm the kinda person who would definately NOT want it to ever happen to me. Been through enough terrible family drama already. And of course, that just increases the worries. DYAAH!!! :-o

... my rant on marriage ^


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madgamer said:
Think about it, two celebs sit down with their lawyers and he says that she cannot go over 120 pounds or she owes him $100,000. How romantic is that??
Thats a pretty good idea, in that case im all for it.:D

Marriage between celebs is just wonderful. Its like when Star got married to that banker Al and they told the people that did their hair or something like to pay them for having the priviledge of doing their hair.

Marriage is no longer what it used to be, with it being over a 50% chance of ending in divorce. I will get married one day and I plan to have a family, but alot of people..I do not know, maybe they are not mature enough, selfish, i dont know. Its just crazy how the world is constantly changing.


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I think a big thing that has been helping to raise the divorce rate is the fact that **getting ready to hear it now from everyone** women are working more out of the home.

But hear me out. You have both parties working. Both of them are stressed out due to their jobs. Who wants two stressed people together? That can't be good for relationships. Why not have one come home stressed, and then the other one can help them relieve their stress. Yes, I am old fashioned in that sense.

Marriage sure does not mean the same thing anymore, and no matter what you do you are taking a risk with your feelings. But some marriages do work, and I guess that is something to try to shoot for.


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Those things are just plain rediculous. What does football have to do with marriage?

"Husband: *watches football game*


*watches another football game*

Wife: OH MY GOD! Now we have to get a divorce!"

It's just plain stupid.