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I wanna know who have been your celebrity crushes?? We all have them at some point in time. So please list yours and as many as you like. From the very first one to the very latest one. But If you can't remember them all or remember them in order its ok it still counts. Here are my celebrity crushes in no certain order...

1. Jeremy Brett
2. Piers Morgan
3. Basil Rathbone
4. Sebastian Roche
5. John Delancie
6. Matthew Perry
7. Michael Douglas
8. Richard Gere


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I don't have that many celebrity crushes. The ones that come to mind are

1. Jason Statham
2. Bradley Cooper
3. Michael Vartan
4. Vin Diesel


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I used to have a thing for:
Michelle Pfeiffer.
Nicole Kidman.
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Maybe a few lesser internationally known women, but I can't think off-hand.


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I don't have celebrity crushes anymore. I remember when I was younger, I really had big crushes to the point of daydreaming about them. :lol:

Now it's more, if someone asks me which actor is sexy then I come up with a name like... Jude Law.


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I've had more celebrity crushes than I care to admit (oh, shit, I think I just did).

Some that come to mind now, are:

1) Jean Claude van Damme (don't judge, I was really young)
2) Colin Farrell
3) Jason Statham (till this day)
4) Jared Leto (till this day and the most of all of them... *melts*)
5) Justin Long (my latest, but seriously HAWTNESS)

Idina Menzel
Viggo Mortinson
Helena Bonham Carter
Nathan Fillion
Johnny Depp AS SWEENEY TODD (not too much otherwise)

Those are the ones who come to mind immediately. ^_^



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I've never had a celebrity crush. There are tons of actresses I find attractive, but there are thousands of women who fall under that category.


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I guess I used to have celebrity crushes but honestly, I can't name someone right now. I might just be out of the loop in regards to celebrities these days, I dunno.

Maybe I'm in the minority in that regard. I figure, what's the point; I'll never meet them anyways.