Celebrity affairs


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First it was Tiger then it was Jesse James then yesterday I read that Bruce Springsteen had an affair as well.

Now first off I never understood why things like these shock people, I believe it happens all the time, it's just that "the media" have only caught a select few. Every time a new name comes out it's not shocking at all, what is most surprising is that only a few celebs have been caught thus far.



Who said it's shocking?
They're normal people like us. But given that they're known by everyone, the media talks about them all the time.
The difference is that we stay up to date with what happens in their lives and sounds like something tragic happened.
Plus, they are seen and role models[and I don't agree with this] so they are treated ten times worse than normal people.


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I'm not interested in what celebrities do at all with their lives. When the Tiger woods thing came out, I wasn't really that shocked. Everyone is capable of having an affair.
I think they should put a thought to all the people they influence like kids, but they won't really put a thought into that either, not to mention that if the affair was made public it could ruin their career.


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I agree that the celebrities are by no means more worthy of a notice when they do slip up. I kind of feel sorry for them having their private lives splashed all over the media for something that should be resolved within their homes. :sigh:

What I did find shocking about Tiger though, regardless of him being a celebrity, is the fact that he could cheat Elin Nordegren - she is beautiful. I guess it's true what they say - if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty (wo)man your wife/husband... People will always want what they don't have, even if they seemingly have everything. :shifteyes:


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I just don't see the big deal, there are heaps of people that do it everyday and only because they are Celebs is why the media seem to care.


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This thread is wether you guys care or not if they get caught cheating, it's just asking why some people find it shocking that celebrities cheat on their partners(and yes Elly some people are shocked about it.)

For example when Tiger got caught there was a lot of people who were shocked that he did this, personally I wasn't shocked at all.


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I was shocked about Tiger because it always seemed like he had good morals and cared about his family. With most celebrities it doesn't surprise me. I bet 90% of celebrities have affairs. I think that's just what money and fame does to people. It makes them think they're entitled to whatever they want.


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I was shocked about Jesse James because I think Sandra is gorgeous. I would so date her and never cheat on her. lol


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I wasn't shocked about Tiger. There are maybe only 4 or 5 guys/girls who would shock me if I found out they cheated.

There is so much pressure and temptation on these people. Its going to happen.
I think the public gets shocked over affairs when the celebrity involved is usually portrayed by the media as having a generally good character or being a family man/woman. Or, when the girlfriend/boyfriend being cheated on is very good looking, as Iris made a nice example of. :hah: