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Celebrities stand with Keaton Jones, boy who spoke against bullying


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Celebrities stand with Keaton Jones, boy who spoke against bullying

His video went viral, and a lot of celebrities sent him a message. Love the positive feedback the video has gotten.

I was bullied most of my school life, and now that I have a nephew and niece, I really hope it does not happen to them. I think that some schools needs to be better when it comes to bullying.


Registered Member
If the celebrities truly want to help, throwing tickets and gifts at him is not the answer. Make our school districts accountable for what happens to our children while on school property. No child should have food thrown at them. Where was the staff when this was happening? Perhaps these celebrities could raise awareness of bullying and the drastic rise in suicide rates amongst Middle school age children instead of offering to take him to a movie premiere. I just see this as benefitting one single child, and not the thousands of others who suffer in silence every single day. and while I am thrilled for this boy, what happens when Hollywood moves on to the next big thing and he is once again back in the lunchroom?


I ♥ Haters
Apparently his mom's been outed by MMA fighter Joe Schilling as a racist:

A GoFundMe campaign for Keaton Jones raises $55,000, but no one knows what the money is for

Also, I think TMZ posted that the video was made shortly after Keaton was put on blast for calling another student in the n word. I didn't see anything official yet, though, so I'm taking that with a grain of salt. Not sure what to make of this, but honestly, if this was true, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. While, I understand the need to help, I wish people would actually do some fucking research before throwing their money away because a few celebrities tweeted in support of this kid. As if he's actually ever going to see this money. I could name 10 charities off the top of my head that use $50,000 more than these people.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I was bullied as well and it sucked, but $55,000? I’m sorry but I agree with @Bubbles on this one. Plenty of legitimate causes that need money. I mean, sure that’s great for him and all, and I hope the money goes towards his college or something, but I don’t think the fundraiser was necessary in the first place.

And it should go without saying, but obviously I hope the rumors about racism are completely false. That would be really sad to find out if it is true.


Registered Member
Not sure they they felt the need to raise $55,000 for the kid. I feel terrible for what has happened to him but what's the money actually going to help? Nothing. I will never understand why people throw money at people like this.


Embrace the Suck
How about we stop treating bullying as a national crisis and teach kids something about resiliency, confidence, learning to stand up for themselves. I was bullied as a kid, but I started boxing at the Boys Club, I started lifting weights, my dad taught me to stand up for myself. Last thing I did was cry to mommy.


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Yeah, so I read. Keaton Jones' sister says that the whole profile was fake.