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Celebrities In Legal Trouble


Registered Member
We all know that celebrities are just himan like the rest of us.

Do you believe that if they get themselves in legal trouble that there should be any kind of special treatment given to them because of being a celebrity?

Should it depend on what kind of trouble they are in? Should it also matter how many times they have been in trouble? What do you think about this overall?

Here is one such case...
Flavor Flav taking plea deal in Vegas battery case | Story | Wonderwall


Registered Member
I think it's a no brainer that they should get the same treatment as everyone else, especially for serious offences. Whether they actually do or not is another matter though. It seems like the more money you have the more likely you are to get away with what you've done.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I have to agree with Clare, they deserve the same treatment as everyone else but it seems they don't get it. I don't think having money should get you out of punishment. I don't think they should receive more severe punishment but the same as anyone else would.


Registered Member
I agree with Hilander and Clare. I don't care who someone is, when it comes to breaking the law then they should get the same treatment as the rest of us. Having money doesn't make them special or above the law.