Celebrating death.

[Doom & Gloom Week - Volume 3]

Sticking solely to the realms of reality; have you ever met the news of someone's death with genuine celebration? Do you deem it morally repugnant at all or, with a tyrant for example, can someone's legacy justifiably deprive them of any ethical sympathy? The Colosseum conclusively showed that even ethics can easily be dismissed. Where do you stand here?

Are there any deaths that you're waiting to greet?

A recent example that affected me was Saddam Hussein's death. I found it very difficult to split the human being from the acts. However, when I saw him hung, I couldn't help but feel some humane remorse from my pleasure of this inhumane mans death.
I have never undertstood why people think we should treat the deceased any differently in death than we did in life.
You know how people whisper "don't speak ill of the dead?" My question is, why not? If I considered you to be an idiot in life, your death isn't going to chang my opinion.
Have I ever celebrated a death? No. But, I can think of a few people who's death may make my day a little brighter.
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No, I don't think I've ever met any news about someone's death with genuine celebration yet. I probably would say, "good news" if I hear that OBL has been caught and killed. But there would be no real feelings of enjoyment with it; it's just a statement.

I don't know if it is because of being conditioned to think that death is sad. Even if I'm told to look at the bright side, the dead is now in a better place or all those other words people use to comfort the ones grieving, I will always associate it with loss (even if it's not mine and it's someone else's).


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I've never celebrated a death and I doubt I ever will. I'm sure I'd be happy if someone who I considered to be an awful person (e.g. rapist, peadophile) died and I'd keep my happiness inside rather than throw a party. I agree with Angels, why can't you speak ill of the dead if they were a disgusting excuse for a human being when they were alive.


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One of the kids in my graduating class was actually murdered when I was a sophomore. Shot twice in the face. He was a fucking dick in life and I feel that it was simply karma turning it's hand on him. Was I sad? Fuck no. Did I go around laughing? Only a little.


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The sad part of today's world Hiei . . they would throw you to the therapists if they knew you were happy.


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I think death shouldnt change owr opinion about somebody,and if it does,then(i think)then these new feelings are fake..


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Too, true, Cons. I've actually been to a shrink before. Multiple times, in fact. They're friendlier than you'd think. But then again, so are most brainwashers.


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It's all about slyly gaining your trust and then slowly cutting deeper and deeper into you like you're a damned turkey.