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Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
who still prefer the Cd's? I know the world is now turning towards the ipods and MP3 players but I just can't give up my Cd collection ><; So tell me ur thoughs and list some Cd's that u think are must gets.


i think cds are still the best. Its something you can physically touch, and thats reassuring. Never put full trust in files and data because it can unexpectedly go bad. At least when you put your cd on the table it will not go bad or get lost unless someone EXTERNALLY acts upon it.

Plus i have a crapload of cds :D


Registered Member
i have a CD library of over 300 CD's. there is nothing like reading the liner notes while listening to a newly bout CD.


Registered Member
I still like Cds my brother has just about 50.I would like to have an Ipod but I don't.:(


I really don't go out and buy CDs anymore, I just get my stuff off of iTunes or Napster (or "other" means...).


blue 3
I'd have to say I'm a little bit of both. If I just like a couple songs off of a CD then I'll just go out and get those songs using "other" means.

However, if I like the whole CD, then I'll purchase it so I can listen to it all the way through anytime I want. Heh. I have roughly 220 CD's right now, and there is no way I could give them up. Heh.


Forum Drifter
I love CD's. Nothing better than cruising down the road and popping in a great CD.

Some must-haves:

The Killers (and new CD should be out soon WOOT!)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I prefer cd's aswell, Ipods and MP3 are great and all but easier to lose and such, CD's if you lose one you can buy another for five bucks and burn it again.


i ues CD's most of the time but wen i work out i use my MP3 player