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CDC Whistleblower blows lid off of vaxxine/autism coverup.


Oh I know. All this has been debunked already. It must have.
But I'd like to know a few things from the people in the know...

Is any of the statistical data presented in the VAXXED movie accurate?

Why would a scientist who coauthored the findings of a study by the CDC on the alleged link between autism and MMR vaccine lie about his misgivings regarding how the study was carried out and fabricate evidence to support fraud? (His current position would have facilitated greater income without public or peer ridicule)

When it was suggested that getting single vaccines for measles, mumps, and rubella may potentially be safer for children than MMR, why did both industry and government take steps to make that option unavailable to parents? Or was this too a complete fabrication?

What are the real numbers relating to the specific statistics presented in the movie? (Where you see charts on the screen)

I would invite those who haven't already seen it to watch more than a snippet of this documentary. I found it compelling and that even if one was to assume every bit of data presented to be fabricated, it still makes some very good points.

... Your thoughts?
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Embrace the Suck
Interesting now that we live in an era regarding getting a vaccine or not. I wish I could see the video.

I don’t know if what we are getting from the CDC is credible or now, the issue I have is accepting what the CDC says without question.