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CBS Error?


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It is only bad. Nobody want's to pay more than they have to.

If a $500 bid is fake, I don't want to bid $510 just to outbid "nothing."

If the bid is real, then it's different. Prank bidders ruin auctions, and I don't know why more isn't done to prevent them from ever using eBay again.


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greenhappykat said:
I was the first one to tell her to do that. :D. That was her next..well my next idea for her. :)
Yathink? I told her to sell that floppy hat.. ~laughing~ She could do well selling hats..

less than an hour..
lets see who ruins it for her..
or who pops in and bids at the last minute..
*wondering who lives across the pond*

*LMAO* GO [email protected]@K who is bidding on the bathingsuit!! *LMAO* Johnny Cash! See, someone is gonna mess it up..LOL

Johnny Cash is also selling a piece of toast..*LMAO*

*LMFAO* Jolly Dwarf!

I can't stop laffin, I am sitting here talking to myself..lol
I hope she lets the second high bidder have it... *rotf*
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