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CBC's Hard French


Sultan of Swat
Staff member

Watch this video. This Brian Lilley and Harley Simms are idiots. What's wrong with pronouncing their names the proper way? If I was one of the athletes, I would like to have my name pronounced in French and not in English.



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They are French, when you say their name, you are not pronouncing their name in French you are simply saying their name. It's like if you said the name of someone from China.

This come from a section of the Sun Media outlet so I am not surprised they were classless and stupid. Just like posting "First Blood" on the front page...

Even a guy like PJ Stock understands the importance of saying the name how it is meant to be said... again, you are not pronouncing it in French you are just saying their name. How many sports announcers over the years pronounced "Patrick Roy" in English (Besides Don Cherry)?

The worse thing is this sparked a debate that shouldn't have been... French vs English.

One flag.
One nation.
Two languages.


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When I was a kid and my dad had one of those enormous satellite dishes, we could watch games on both US and Canadian channels. I thought it was funny how the US announcers called him Patrick "Roy" while the Canadian announcers called him Patrick "Waugh." I think I always knew that it was meant to be pronounced "Waugh." It always puzzled me how the name Roy could be pronounced that way when I was a kid :?
Sun News are the Canadian equivalent of FOX News in the United States. There are just idiots who are looking to spark controversy because it's gonna bring them attention while they fail to realize that they'll never EVER be considered as a credible media source.