Cavs Keen On Peterson


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Cleveland Plain Dealer -
The Cavaliers did not waste time after the free-agent negotiating period began Sunday.

According to a source, the Cavs contacted Toronto Raptors guard/forward Morris Peterson shortly after the market opened.

Peterson, according to the source, is interested in playing for the Cavs because they are a "championship-caliber" team. Playing time also is important to Peterson, said the source. Peterson wants to become a starter or get significant playing time. He lost his starting spot this past season.

The Utah Jazz , Golden State Warriors , New Orleans Hornets , Miami Heat and Sacramento Kings have all expressed interest in Peterson.

Celtic Fan

Raps shoulda traded him at the trade deadline.
he's a valuable guy to have in a 1/2 court offense.
can play solid D too.


The return shall be legenday!
They didn't want too trade Mo Pete because he was the only player on the team with playoff experience, and they thought that experience would bring success to a young team, but he hardly played. Mo Pete was a good player for the Raptors, but now were in a new ERA in Raptor land and I'm happy to see him leave. I guarantee you that he wont find any problems to have a new home next year. Like you've seen in the thread there's a lot of teams that would like to sign a player like Mo Pete because the things he can bring to the table.


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Plain-Dealer -
Morris Peterson may be getting closer to signing with his new team. The Cavs and Peterson expressed interest when the negotiating period started last Sunday but it appears Peterson will not play with the Cavs next season.

Peterson, according to a source close to the situation, will visit the Utah Jazz over the next few days. The Jazz and the New Orleans Hornets have become the front-runners.

Peterson, 29, made about $4.5 million last year as a reserve. A starting position at the shooting guard spot came open Monday when Derek Fisher was released by the Jazz so he could find the best medical care for his daughter.