Cavs, Gooden Negotiations Breaking Down


Sultan of Swat
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he Morning Journal - Talks between Drew Gooden's agent, Calvin Andrews, and the Cavaliers have started to break down, the Morning Journal is reporting, and there is a chance the parties may separate.

''We're trying to see if any sign-and-trades work,'' Andrews said. ''We are trying to exhaust every avenue. We're working through some different things.''

The Cavaliers told Andrews to be patient while they were working on LeBron James' three-year contract extension. Now, it's Gooden's turn, and apparently he's the main focus of their attention.

The 6-foot-10, 242-pounder is a restricted free agent. He wants to remain in Cleveland. Andrews said a sign-and-trade might be the answer.

''I think it's a very feasible route,'' he said.

''They have not made an offer yet,'' Andrews said. ''Maybe they are holding out on something. We're being patient and working with them. We respect what they're trying to do. We'll follow their lead.

''They can make an offer he likes. That's what he would prefer. Drew wants to stay in Cleveland. If they make an offer that makes sense, we'll do it. If a sign-and-trade makes more sense, we'll do that. We're not ready to hit the panic button.


if i were the cavs i wouldnt trade gooden. i would sign him for another 5 years. he is a great presence to the cavs and will help the team alot to be a playoff contender. i will have to say gooden is the second best player in a cavs uniform. if they lose him this will be a great loss