Cavaliers vs Spurs


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I don't think a lot of people expected the Cavaliers to make it this far, but this player named LeBron James led them there, with remarkable games. But I think there run ends here, the Spurs are to experienced, they've been in this situation a lot in recent years. But if LeBron James plays like he did in the last few games against the Pistons then they stand a small chance. But I believe the Spurs are to strong and will take this in 5 games maybe 6.

Who you go and why?


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Well as good as it is that the Cavs are in the finals , They are facing the Spurs and the only thing more powerful then my hatred for the Spurs is their ability out on that court. They have one of the best in the world with Tim Duncan downlow and get him with Tony Parker and others and you have one big mountain to cllimb.

Spurs uin 6 :(


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I say the Cavs just don't the dept that the Spurs do and when it boils right down to it , The Spurs will be able to outlast the Cavs. But this is not the last time I think we'll see the Cavs in the finals over the next few years. And aside from that who knows , Miracles can happen.
It probably won't mean much, but it should be pointed out that the Cavs beat the Spurs both time they matched up in the regular season. Thing might be a little interesting afterall.

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Spurs in 5.
but these playoffs have been screwy from the go so who the heck knows...
Since it's a 2-3-2 format, Cavaliers might have a chance to win it all if they win one away game. Then hopefully Lebron just does his usual self and dominate at home.

Chances are slim and the experience of the spurs plus their dominance in the frontcourt will probably prevent the cavs from winning it all.


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I think its an interesting point about the format. I think the Cavs need to take one of two in San Antonio and then travel home and try to take the next three or atleast take two. They have played well at home all year and in the dance I think they could be inspired to play better then ever.


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Normally I would say Spurs in 5 but I wouldn't put it past LeBron to steal 2 games so I'll say Spurs in 6. In any event, San Antonio will win the title. The thing that separates the Spurs from the Pistons is that they respect their oppnents and they come to play every night. SA will try to force LeBron to be a scorer or a facilitator, not both. The rest factor comes into play as well; LeBron will eventually wear down. It'll be interesting to see how Gibson fares against a more disciplined defensive team. I think Parker will be huge in this series (though Duncan will probably walk away with the MVP again). At this stage, one guy isn't gonna win the title by himself.


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I was giving up hope for the Cavs until I learned that they beat San Antonio both times during the reg. season. They better figure out what they did right.