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Caught In Embarrassing Situation


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Have you ever had an incident where you had a date with someone, or a visit with someone, and when you got back into your vehicle and looked into your rear-view mirror (hey, we all know we all do this) :lol:- but you notice a piece of green veggie or black olive or some other food item stuck in your teeth? Then you realize you know the person or people you were with had to of seen it.
Or have you maybe sat in something, to make the back of your pants with a wet spot? Or maybe sat in something chocolate, so it has left a brown stain on your backside?
When you realize most of these things, it's too late. We have already been seen and don't you wonder why nobody said something?
So have you ever had something embarrassing take place with you? If so, did someone kindly tell you? Or were you left to find out on your own?
And if you saw a friend, or even a stranger, in an embarrassing predicament, would you quietly say something to them? Or just say the hell with it, let'em find out on their own?


I once slipped and fell on a banana peel (seriously, I thought people only did that in cartoons). I hit the ground and came up with bleeding knees and everything. Luckily only one other person saw and she just sort of ignored me and kept on walking :(

Another time I was with a few friends in Paris. I accidently fell over on the metro train and they laughed for hours. Literally hours straight, apparently it looked really funny when I fell. They were in tears of pain by the end from laughing so much. The next day they were still in pain from the several solid hours that they laughed. I was happy to make them laugh so much but seriously, I worried about them after a while.


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I'm such a klutz, there have been lots of embarrassing moments. There was a time at work that I ripped the crotch right out of my pants, I'm still not sure how it happened.
There was a woman who came into work the other night, she had gotten the bottom of her skirt tucked into the waistband somehow, and she was NOT wearing underwear. I told her about it and she was super-embarrassed, but grateful.


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I saw a woman yesterday, wearing blue jeans and she had a spot right in the crotch area of her backside. Seriously it looked like she pissed her pants. I didn't say anything, I had never seen her before. Then I thought maybe she put a drink between her legs while she was driving and she spilled it, causing the spot. But then again, maybe she really peed *shrugs shoulders*


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I had some off-white dress pants that were like a heavy weight linen. I wore some boxers that were white with big black polka dots on them. Since the front of men's pants have pockets I didn't realize that the goofy boxers I was wearing were showing through on my backside. People at work were laughing at me behind my back (literally and figuratively). A while later another guy brought it up and had a laugh at my expense. He told me and I was like WTF? He said "I thought you knew and did it on purpose"
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Where is my Queen?
I remember when I was first in college and I had a date. She came over to my house after dinner to watch a movie. She entered the house first and she was just standing through my utility room with a shocked look on her face. I walked in and my Dad was in the living room only wearing briefs with his hands down in them. That was pretty embarrassing.

About 4 years ago a girl threw up on me and farted on me at the same time.

I am typing with one hand right now, but I have more I will post later.


yellow 4!
My most recent 'embarrassing' (not that bad, though) situation was the other day whilst I was singing quite loudly and obnoxiously to my mum on a train platform without realizing there was a man standing right behind where I was sitting. I had to carry on singing once my mum started laughing and I realized he was there because I would have felt even more dumb otherwise lol. Oh and I really cannot sing, btw.


rainbow 11!
About 4 years ago a girl threw up on me and farted on me at the same time.

I am typing with one hand right now, but I have more I will post later.

Uh, once... I don't really have anything significant. Unless you count the time I gravved my friend's boob while she was sleeping, and she woke up and twisted my arm. Lol


Babeasaurus Sex
Er...I once got hammered told my then boyfriend (who was wiping my makeup off my face) to leave it on because then he'd want sex with me and then passed out on the bed...

man am I sexy.