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Alright cat owners, why did you get a cat? How has your experience been with them?


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My cats came to me. A cat made its way to my daughter's dad's farm, then she got knocked up. The kittehs were orphaned at 2 weeks old, we foun mama dead in the field, so I fed them kitteh formula and litter trained them and became their mama. Two of them have since died but I still have the baby girl kitteh. She is almost three years old but she's still my baby kitteh.

The other cat I have now came my way when one of the other kittehs from that litter got hit by a car last year, and my boss had a stray hanging around his house that he asked me to take in.

I was never a cat person before the wee baby kittehs, now I love cats.
My sister took a cat from somewhere when she was younger, kept it and when she moved to New York she dumped it off with me. By that time, it gave birth to another cat that recently died because of a coyote attack. I still have the original cat that is about 14-15 years old and is still going strong.

For the most part the experience has been good. They were both good pets and rarely caused problems. When they DID cause problems... ugh... that's the frustrating part: throwing up in random places, getting in cat fights, go to the bathroom in my room, licking my plate of dinner when I'm not looking, scratching stuff that should NOT be scratched and always sleeping on my bed. That last one I listed because I could end up kicking them in my sleep or, they end up scratching me if I accidentally laid on them.

Overall it's been good. Once my last cat passes away I'll be pet free for a LONG time.
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I am forced to hate cats unfortunately and by no fault of the cats. I'm allergic to cats and I am miserable if I am near one (eyes itch like crazy, sneezing constantly, etc). I do like them though but I'll have to miss out on owning one or getting too close to one for too long.
My family just got 2 new cats last May because the family cat before that died and she was 10 years old I think. The new ones we have are adorable, but they're troublemakers.


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Cats are awesome. They're low maintenance and they can still be just as fun as a dog. However, they'll almost never save you from the same things a dog can.


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Grown up around cats all my life, had 3 growing up and my nan had one; when the last of the family cats died it was a while before we got Neo from our neighbour, he used to be fun but now he's a chicken; that's why i have the ferret.


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I had a wonderful cat growing up, so as soon as I was out on my own, I adopted a pair of kittens, brother and sister. When they were two years old I ended up getting another kitten when a friend's cat had babies that needed homes. They've always been great pets, though they sometimes interfere with my sleeping by climbing all over me or meowing when they want attention.


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I'd love a cat but my boyfriend isn't so keen. He is more of a dog lover (as am I) so I wouldn't ever have one. I find them really cute and their ideal because I'm out at work so if I had a dog I wouldn't be able to look after it properly. At least with cats they spend a lot of time outside.