Cats Scratching Furniture

hey, ive just recently got Sparkles (my cat :lick:).
and i was wondering, is there something i can do to stop him from scratching/sharpening his claws on the sofa?
i really dont want to resort to yelling at him or spanking him.
i bought him a scratching post...but he doesnt use it at all :confused:

any suggestions?
thanks a bunch!

- the red bow


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I always grab my cat every time he scratches where he isn't supposed to and put him on the post; he usually gets the idea. Spray bottles are always a popular alternative, too.


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get some catnip and rub the scratching post with it. very generously.

spanking and yelling at a cat will get you nowhere.


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What pretzel and Jeanie said, but also there is a spray that you can get from pet shops to spray on your furniture that cats don't like the smell of, so tend to stay away from it.