Catholic School Blocks Cervical Jab


Ms. Malone
Catholic school blocks cervical jab |

First the Admixed Embryo hoo-haa and now this :rolleyes:. While what the Catholic's believe is really none of my business i do believe they've crossed the line with this one. I read in today's Metro that the school believes the cervical jab is something that should be done through the parents; so obviously going through all that fuss booking an appointment, wasteing petrol/bus fair money all for a little jab when it's convinent to have 1000+ year 8 students in one place at the same time and have people from the NHS kindly do it for nothing.

We have our Meningitis C jab in junior school.
We have our TB in high school.
Why not the Cervical Cancer jab? Why do they feel they need have a tantrum about it?

Oh wait, here's the answer:
Earlier, the school said the jab could 'encourage sexual promiscuity'.
For fuck sakes :mad:.


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Are these vaccinations done with parent's permission? Can student opt out? Because if it's yes for both, then I don't understand why they won't allow it. Will those who get it elsewhere get suspended? :lol:


Ms. Malone
If i remember right with the TB jabs, parents needed to sign a form saying they were fine with it being done at school; i don't see why this should be any drifferent.


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I remember in grade 4, my mom refused to let me get my measles shot with all the other kids. She just didn't like the idea of me being needled by anyone other than my own doctor, so she just took me there to get the shot. That's not a bad reasoning. As much as I'm against 13 year olds being sexually promiscuous, I don't think getting a shot preventing a sexual disease is gonna make them have sex more. And that's a dumb reason for saying no. If they don't want it taking place on their campus, then that's fine, whatever. But to ban their pupils from getting the jab, that's dumb. I'm always appalled at some of these churches that make up their own rules. Nowhere in the bible does it say "Thou shalt not get a shot to stay healthy" And besides, if the 13 year old wants to have sex, who are they to stop it. Their supposed to be teachers, not judges and juries and punishers and enforcers.


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Let's face it: kids are going to fuck and fondle one another. Getting this shot is going to encourage at most, a handful of kids. Arguing that it promotes promiscuity is just as flawed as the whole "availability of condoms = go fuck like rabbits" bullshit story. I don't think it should be mandatory, it should be a decision the parents and children come to. Offering it in a doctor's office sounds much better however.

As for that promiscuity thing, I honestly hope no one sides with that rationality.


Ms. Malone
I understand some parents may ease their mind by taking their daughter to a doctor to have it done, the whole sanitation issue and all, it's just easier to have it done in school because they come to you.

The nurses tend to be nicer too ^_^


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I wouldn't let my daughter have it done in school, I just wouldn't. I'd trust her more with our doctor rather than some school nurse. It doesn't belong in school.


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While I whole-heartedly disagree with the school, I am not a big fan of this vaccine. It is a relatively new vaccine with no long-term study that I am aware of. Frankly, I think it is being pushed because it is a "cure" for cancer.
But I don't think it is the school's place to make the judgment. That is for the parents and doctors.


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It would be wrong of the School to allow it, because it's a Catholic School.
In Catholism, your'e not allowed to [i.e not suppossed to] have sex outside of Marriage. School Children are too young to Marry. Cervical Cancer is a sexually transmitted disease, therefore since they are not allowed to have sex, then they don't need the injection. Having the injection just means they are ready for sex.
These are Catholic Schools, therefore you must keep to the rules, otherwise they would not be Catholic Schools. If it were not a Cathlic or such religions School, then the ban would be little or no problem.

I don't think it should even be an issue.

Breaking these rules is like having boys in 'girl only Schools.' As soon as they allow boys, then they are no longer 'girl only.'

Catholic Schools are here to stay, and if the rules get in your way, then just go to another School.