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Catching Viruses and Spyware


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How does one can be absolutely sure about having a secure system? Despite using top of the line antivirus and antispyware software I have always felt that there might be a possibility that not all the viruses or spyware are caught. Maybe this discussion is old, but from time to time this topic must be explored a fresh because new viruses and antivirus constantly change and so does the measure to deal with them. Any fresh thoughts, ideas or solutions out there?
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As long as you keep your system patched, use a major antivirus like Norton, and a top of the line spyware filter, you're fine. Windows Defender and Norton have been all that I've used for year, and I've never had a a problem using that combination.


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You could use a Virtual PC to have multiple "virtual" OS's. After doing this you could have a OS that would revert back to its original state every time you shut it down. Doing this would make sure you started clean every time.

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