Catching Colds


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The winter season is in full foce now and many of us will probably catch a cold or flu over the next couple of months.

How often do you get a cold?

Do you ever get colds in the summer?

How do you treat them?

I've had an on going cold for the past couple of weeks now, I haven't taken anything for it as I generally look to ride through it.

I have had a cold in the summer before, people think I'm mad but they can occur.

Like I said I rarely actually take anything to resolve the cold. If it's flu then I'll stay home and try to get some rest with a hot water.


Sally Twit
I usually get them at least twice a year but I've been lucky this time round. It's almost mid-December and I haven't had a cold yet.
My boyfriend had one a couple of weeks ago that lasted for about two weeks and I thought I'd catch it but luckily I didn't.

I never treat a cold when I get one - I just sweat it out and let it go away on its own.


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I hardly ever get colds.

I only get sick when I am really not getting enough sleep for a long period of time regardless of the weather. Knowing me that will likely happen sometime this winter.


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I'll get bronchitis in Jan/Feb sometimes otherwise I'll get a summer cold once in a while. If I make sure when I walk in to work that my necks covered as well as when I'm sleeping I'm usually good to go.


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Now that I've moved into uni, I had a cold twice, freshers 'flu' and something that was harsher than a cold but not quite the flu :S My immune system used to be so good!

I don't cold in the summer...I wouldn't know, I'm too busy with hayfever to notice the extra snifffle!


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I don't catch colds easily, but if I do then I have usually take Coricidin D and Zycam cold remedy.

I don't get summer time colds at all but if I should catch one I do the same for it as a winter cold.
How often do you get a cold? not very often actually i used to go years without being sick..... now'a days its like once every six months or so i get a super bad stomach flu where i puke for a day then im ok. last one being at the metallica concert. ugh

Do you ever get colds in the summer? yeah i got really sick last summer, it lasted 2 weeks and i had an ear infection for over a month..... suckish!

How do you treat them? puke..... sleep.... avoid food at all costs.


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I'm just getting over one now. I usually get one a year. I take Sudafed if I get really congested, otherwise I don't do anything to treat it except rest
I'm somewhat proficient at catching them, usually when ones going around it'll evade me for a month until I finally get it.

I don't really treat them. Colds don't really have all that adverse of effects for me.
I have a cold right now. I hate it 'cuz I have work and I dislike working feeling like crap. I'm cranky, tired, in pain and my nose is running all the time. It's getting pretty red and sore, currently. >.<;

I usually sleep and take medicine to help myself out.